I am a freelance full-stack developer and UI designer, specializing in web development. I have more than 7 years of B2B experience in business process management. While coordinating the next phase of our company's website development, I became very interested in development and design. I started learning HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. After a while, I left my position as deputy director of logistics and went into freelancing.

Now I develop UI/UX design of websites, applications, interfaces using Figma/Adobe, create informational and commercial (e-commerce) websites for business, static and using Content Managment System such as WordPress (Woocommerce), Strapi, Shopify. I set up uploading (importing) data to the site or to the application from third-party sources.

I also develop SPA and SSR applications. On the front-end I use Vue.js/Nuxt.js, SCSS. With Vue I use Options and Composition API's. On the back-end I develop with Node.js and its most popular framework Express.js, as well as for high-loaded applications I develop with Golang and its framework Gin.

In addition to freelancing I develop applications for business, you can find them on the Products page. I don't do a niche analysis before developing another product, but I do what I want to do - as a hobby.

I love working with interesting business challenges.

My tech stack

I program in JavaScript and Golang. I use Javascript both on the front end and on the server, as well as Golang.

Image alt text
The Progressive JavaScript Framework
Image alt text
State management for Vue.js
Image alt text
The Intuitive Vue Framework (SSR)
Image alt text
Lightweight, interpreted programming language
Image alt text
The standard markup language for Web pages
Image alt text
The language is used to style an HTML
Image alt text
More advanced and evolved variant of the CSS
Image alt text
JavaScript on a server side
Image alt text
Node.js web application framework
Image alt text
The database storage
Image alt text
In-memory data structure store
Image alt text
Simple templating language
Image alt text
The headless CMS (Node.js)
Image alt text
Statically typed, compiled language
Image alt text
Figma is a collaborative web application for interface design

I am a full-stack developer and UI designer specializing in the web. I develop websites and applications.